Table 2.

Adjusted Survival Analysis of All-Cause Mortality by Serum Transferrin Saturation (TS) and Levels of Iron Intake and Red Meat Consumption or Iron Supplements

TS Saturation StatusHazards Ratio95% CI
Note: all-cause mortality controlled by age, race, sex, poverty, education, body mass index, smoking, health status, and comorbidities at baseline.
Saturation by iron intake
    Normal saturation, ≤ 18 mg/d1.00
    Normal saturation, > 18 mg/d1.030.87–1.23
    Elevated saturation, ≤ 18 mg/d0.940.59–1.48
    Elevated saturation, > 18 mg/d2.901.39–6.04
Saturation by red meat consumption or iron supplements
    Normal saturation, < 7 times /wk1.00
    Normal saturation, ≥ 7 times /wk1.020.91–1.15
    Elevated saturation, < 7 times /wk0.620.32–1.22
    Elevated saturation, ≥ 7times /wk2.261.45–3.52