Table 1.

Preventable Adverse Events and Errors Identified by Family Physicians During Patient Visits (N = 351)

ClassificationExamplesPatient Visits With Errors No. (%)
Note: more than 1 error was identified in 22 patient visits.
Office administration errors57 (16.5)
    ChartingAny part of chart is not present, is in the wrong place, entire chart is missing37 (10.5)
    General office administrationStaffing problems, missing or incorrect forms or paperwork, laboratory or radiograph processing errors21 (6.0)
Physician-related errorsSkill problems, time management problems (interrupted, feeling rushed)28 (8.0)
Patient communication errorsProblems communicating with patient by physician, staff, or other physicians; appointment and triage errors16 (4.5)
Preventable adverse eventsMissed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, incorrect treatment15 (4.3)