Table 3.

Study Participants With Health Care Utilization, Motor Vehicle Events, and Legal Problems: Comparison of Treatment and Control Group Outcomes

OutcomesTreatment (n = 114) No. of Events (%)Control (n = 112) No. of Events (%)
Note: nonparametric comparisons of events in treatment vs control using binomial distribution. The values in parentheses indicate the number of individuals involved. A single individual may have been involved in multiple events.
* P < .01.
P < .05.
Medical use (48 mo after baseline)
    Emergency department visits*103 (48)177 (63)
    Days of hospitalization131 (28)150 (17)
Motor vehicle events (48 mo after baseline)
    Motor vehicle crash with fatalities01
    Motor vehicle crash with nonfatal injuries920
    Motor vehicle crash with property damage only1928
    Operating while intoxicated810
    Other moving violations7881
    Total motor vehicle events114 (55)149 (67)
Legal events (48 mp after baseline)
    Assault, battery, child abuse66
    Resist or obstruct office, disorderly conduct63
    Controlled substance, liquor violation*08
    Criminal damage, property damage13
    Theft, robbery13
    Other arrests23
    Total legal events16 (11)26 (11)