Table 1.

Population Characteristics of Adults Aged 30 Years and Older from the Combined NHANES II and NHANES II Mortality Study with Normal (≤55%) and Elevated (>55%) Transferrin Saturation (TS)

CharacteristicsPercent With Normal TS (n = 95,284,772)Percent With Elevated TS (n = 1,073,696)PValue
Age group
    30–50 y54.369.1.02
    51–64 y30.619.7
    >64 y15.111.2
Poverty income ratio
Education level
    Not hs graduate35.826.4.15
    Hs graduate33.835.5
    Some college30.438.1
Body mass index
    <30 kg/m285.394.6<.01
    ≥30 kg/m214.75.4
Current smoker
Health status
    Very good24.728.6
Charlson comorbidity index