Table 3.

Documented Reasons for Not Treating Hepatitis C in 179 Patients

ReasonNo. (%)
ALT = alanine aminotranserase; AST = aspartate aminotransferase; NIH = National Institutes of Health; HIV = human immunodeficiency virus.
* Potentially reversible comorbidities, n = 80.
† Comorbidities include malignancies under treatment, previous cardiac or renal transplant, ongoing renal dialysis, diabetes with severe complication, vasculitis, multiple sclerosis–progression, ulcerative colitis, debilitating migraine headache, aortic aneurysm.
‡ The 179 patients represent 49% of the total 366 study patients.
Alcohol and drug abuse with or without depression*34 (19)
Severe comorbidity28 (16)
Depression without chemical dependency*25 (14)
Refused – no further specifications23 (13)
ALT, AST normal levels (NIH guidelines 1997)19 (11)
No trial available, no money, no insurance*15 (8)
Old age (70–85 y)12 (7)
End-stage liver disease or cirrhosis11 (6)
Pregnant at diagnosis, treatment not reconsidered*3 (2)
End-stage HIV infection, with or without hemophilia3 (2)
Severe language barrier*3 (2)
Acute hepatitis C3 (2)
Total179 (100)