Table 2

Weighted Average Cost Savings for Ambulatory Optometry Visits vs ED Visits for Common, Nonemergent Eye Conditions

Eye ConditionIncident Rate, %Mean Cost Differential Between ED and Optometry Visit, $Weighted Cost Savings, $
Corneal injury without foreign body10.781,488.00160.35
Corneal injury with foreign body9.031,583.50143.04
Eye pain8.08653.0052.78
Other: noninjurya23.93699.50167.39
  • ED = emergency department.

  • a May include, for example, visual disturbances, flashes, floaters, ocular migraine, and convergence issues.

  • Notes: Calculations based on data from Vaziri et al,6 Channa et al,7 and Stagg et al.8 Weighted average cost savings per incident: $860.57.