Table 3.

Percentage of Black and White Primary Care Physicians Who Rated Factors of Major Importance in Choosing a Specialist

Unadjusted PercentAdjusted Percent* (95% CI)
CI = conficence interval.
* Adjusted for sex, age, US vs international medical graduate status, board certification, practice setting, whether respondent almost always knows the name of the specialist, practice location, region.
Specialist characteristics
    Medical skill54590.383.9.0351088 (79–93).40
    Board certification54940.525.4>.0151429 (20–39).03
Practice characteristics
    Appointment timeliness54951.560.4.0451354 (44–64).63
    Insurance coverage55049.849.4.9251451 (41–62).80
    Hospital affiliation55113.913.3.8451514 (8–23).98
Primary care physician-specialist interaction
    Primary care physician previous experience with specialist55265.051.9<.0151655 (44–65).05
    Specialist returns patient to primary care physician55047.356.0.0451558 (47–68).05
    Quality of communication55248.757.4.0451653 (43–63).40
    Primary care physician relationship with specialist55235.836.0.9751635 (26–45).84
    Attitudes of colleagues toward the specialist55316.412.0.1451713 (8–21).37
Patient-specialist interaction
    Likelihood of good patient-physician rapport55350.552.5.6451754 (44–64).46
    Patient preference for particular specialist55339.942.2.5951747 (36–57).20
    Patient convenience55117.432.0<.0151526 (17–36).06
    Office location5517.112.4.0451512 (6–22).14