Table 4.

Percentage of Male and Female Primary Care Physicians Who Rated Factors of Major Importance in Choosing a Specialist

Unadjusted PercentAdjusted Percent* (95% CI)
CI = confidence interval.
* Adjusted for race, age, US vs international medical graduate status, board certification, practice setting, region, medical specialty.
Specialist characteristics
    Medical skill54583.687.2.2390 (83–94).09
    Board certification54930.237.1.0936 (27–47).24
Practice characteristics
    Appointment timeliness54957.053.9.4751 (41–61).26
    Insurance coverage55043.655.0<.0160 (50–70)<.01
    Hospital affiliation55113.913.4.8516 (9–26).59
Primary care physician-specialist Interaction
    Primary care physician previous experience with specialist55259.758.8.8462 (51–71).73
    Specialist returns patient to primary care physician55059.044.2<.0146 (36–56).01
    Quality of communication55252.952.2.8748 (38–58).31
    Primary care physician relationship with specialist55235.136.5.7435 (26–45).95
    Attitudes of colleagues toward the specialist55312.416.3.1915 (9–24).45
Patient-specialist interaction
    Likelihood of good patient-physician rapport55352.550.3.6154 (44–63).82
    Patient preference for particular specialist55342.139.8.5939 (30–49).52
    Patient convenience55125.921.9.2819 (13–28).11
    Office location55110.18.9.638 (4–14).33