Table 3.

Standardized Coefficients from Logistic Equations in Which the Diagnosis of Pain by the Physician is Explained by Physician Practice Style for All Patients (N = 500),* Women (n = 310), and Men (n = 190)

Diagnosis of PainIndependent Variables Physician Practice Style ClusterStandardized CoefficientsPValuesOR (95% CI)
OR = odds ratio, CI = confidence interval.
*Complete data for all independent variables tested available for 500 patients.
All patientsTechnical0.3494<.00011.074 (1.071–1.076)
Health behavior0.2276<.00011.066 (1.054–1.079)
Women onlyTechnical0.1349<.00011.028 (1.025–1.032)
Preventive service−0.1414<.0010.941 (0.909–0.975)
Men onlyTechnical0.4694<.00011.096 (1.092–1.101)
Health behavior0.3153<.00011.093 (1.071–1.116)