Table 1.

Questions Asked in All Interviews

What are the most common therapies you practice or prescribe?
What are the most common presenting problems in your practice?
Do you use CAM therapies exclusive of—or along with—conventional (allopathic) medicine?
To what extent do you think the client’s own beliefs help in healing? How do you use these beliefs?
How much attention do you give to family or social support networks of your client?
How do you use these networks in helping your client?
Would you like to work more closely with any other type of health practitioner? If so, what kind(s)?
Under what circumstances do you consult with or refer to other practitioners?
How is your practice similar to conventional (allopathic) medicine?
How is your practice different from conventional medicine?
What are the barriers you see existing between conventional and complementary medicine?
How do you think alternative and conventional practitioners can work together better?
What is your vision of the optimal health care system?