Table 2.

Factors Associated With Knowledge of Over-the-Counter Phenazopyridine

Factors*Adjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI)PValue
CI = confidence interval.
Note: Adjusted for the linear effects of other variables in the model. *Variables entered into the model included: sex, using phenazopyridine instead of going to doctor, previous use of prescription phenaopyridine, concurrent antibiotic use, race, advertisement, drug cheaper than doctor, no time to see doctor, dislike doctor, education.
* Variables with an adjusted odds ratio significantly different from 1.0 at the P <.05 level.
1. White1.55 (1.11–2.16).012
2. Concurrent antibiotic use1.91 (1.10–3.3).023
3. Previous use of prescription phenazopyridine1.95 (1.07–3.5).03
4. Using phenazopyridine instead of going to doctor0.59 (0.37–0.92).023