Table 1

Departments of Family Medicine AND…

N = 145
N = 154
Family Medicine8156%7649%
Family Practice11%00%
Community and Family Medicine43%43%
Community Health and Family Medicine11%21%
Community Medicine and Health Care11%00%
Family and Community Medicine3524%4429%
Family Medicine and Community Health75%106%
Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Community Health11%00%
Family, Community and Preventive Medicine11%21%
Family and Community Health00%11%
Family and Preventive Medicine86%53%
Family Medicine and Population Health11%11%
Family, Population & Preventive Medicine00%11%
Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences11%11%
Family Medicine and Public Health00%11%
Family Medicine and Rural Health11%11%
Family Medicine and Osteopathic00%11%
Family Medicine and Comprehensive Care00%11%
Family, Internal, and Rural Medicine00%11%
Family and Geriatric Medicine11%11%
Family and Social Medicine11%11%