Table 5.

Marginal Predictive Power of the Significant Vital Sign

Outcome PredictedPartial Likelihood Ratio StatisticPValue
First myocardial infarction (patients with no previous myocardial infarction)5.55.0180
Stroke (all patients)10.32.0013
First stroke (patients with no previous stroke)7.78.0053
Myocardial infarction or stroke (all patients)6.28.0120
First myocardial infarction or stroke (patients with no previous myocardial infarction or stroke)7.66.0065
First ischemic heart disease (patients with no previous ischemic heart disease)7.76.0053
First heart failure (patients with no previous heart failure)9.99.0016
First chronic renal insufficiency (patients with no previous renal insufficiency)13.38.0002
All-cause mortality (all patients)8.65.0033