Table 3.

Initial Diagnosis Provided for Cases of Fatal and Nonfatal Inhalational Anthrax, Legionella Pneumonia, and Influenza A, and Family Physicians’ Responses to Clinical Case Vignettes

Family Physicians’ Responses
Case No.TypeInitial Diagnosis Reported 3, 7 No.Most Common DiagnosisSecond Most Common Diagnosis
Note: The first and second most common hypothetical diagnoses are provided. For summary categories, the total numbers of responses and top 3 hypothetical diagnoses are provided. The number of cases include 9 “anthrax” diagnoses and 7 cases for which the diagnosis was not listed.
FIA = fatal inhalational anthrax; CNS = central nervous system; CHF = congestive heart failure; NFIA = nonfatal inhalational anthrax; LEG = Legionella pneumonia; INF-A = influenza A; URI = upper respiratory infection.
* Initial diagnoses of inhalational anthrax were based on workplace exposure.
† All 11 fatal and nonfatal cases.
Inhalational anthrax cases
    1FIAMeningitis56CNS infectionSepsis
    6FIAViral syndrome52PneumoniaBronchitis
    8FIAGastroenteritis48GastroenteritisViral syndrome
    14FIAViral syndrome48PneumoniaInfluenza
    OverallFIA. . .264Pneumonia, sepsis, and CNS infection
    4NFIAInhalational anthrax*61PneumoniaBronchitis
    5NFIAInhalational anthrax*45PneumoniaInfluenza
    9NFIAViral syndrome54InfluenzaPneumonia
    10NFIAInhalational anthrax*40PneumoniaInfluenza
    11NFIABronchitis61Viral syndromePneumonia
    OverallNFIA. . .307Pneumonia, influenza, and viral syndrome
Total. . .571Pneumonia, influenza, and viral syndrome
Other cases