Table 2.

Degree to Which Patients Value Continuity by Duration of Relationship With Physician and Experience Shared Between Patient and Physician

Doctor and I Have Been Through a Lot Together
Duration of RelationshipDisagree, Strongly Disagree (n = 690)Neutral (n = 895)Agree, Strongly Agree (n = 919)Total (n = 2,504)
Note: cell content represents the mean degree to which patients value continuity. Increasing numbers represent increasing value of continuity.
Less than 2 years (n = 597)4.044.314.614.23
2-4 years (n = 834)4.034.394.724.40
More than 4 years (n = 1,073)4.254.354.744.54
Total (N = 2,504)4.104.364.724.42