Table 7.

Estimate Impact of New Model on Physician Compensation

Change in Compensation Per Physician
Feature of New ModelWith Reduction in Hours Worked ($)With Current Work Hours ($)
Source: Lewin Group estimates.13
Note: numbers in parentheses indicate loss.
Open access scheduling9,1339,133
Online appointment5,7525,752
Electronic health records3,39815,573
Group visits(8,769)15,411
Chronic disease management(8,591)
Web-based information(2,000)(2,000)
Leverage clinical staff(6,121)9,699
Clinical practice guideline software(3,877)5,664
Outcomes analysis(2,180)(2,180)
Change in compensation with new model(20,904)42,831
Average compensation per physician167,457
Total compensation per physician146,553
Change, %−1226