Table 1.

Percentage of Patients With Preconsultation and Postconsultation Questionnaire Difference Scores, Emerging Agendas, and Met and Unmet Expectations

Difference Score*
Items2 to 3−1 to 1−3 to −2
Biomedical factor
    Explanation of symptoms14.976.58.6
    Confirmation of diagnosis21.170.78.2
    Nature of problem20.274.45.3
    Physical examination19.370.99.8
    Explanation of test results10.072.417.7
    Explanation of prognosis14.268.717.0
    Explanation of severity13.668.418.0
Psychosocial factor
    Help for anxiousness23.770.65.7
    Help for emotional problems14.881.43.9
    Explanation of emotional problems9.884.06.3
    Support for difficult times18.078.13.9
Emerging AgendaExpectation MetUnmet Expectation
* Difference scores were obtained by subtracting the preconsultation item score from the postconsultation item score. In this way, positive difference scores indicate that the patient reports care exceeding expectations. Patients reported significantly higher levels of unmet expectations for explanation of test results, prognosis, and severity of their problem than for any other item (P <.001).
† For emerging agenda, 10.4% of the patients had only biomedical emerging agenda, 11.7% of the patients had only psychosocial emerging agenda, and 4.1% of the patients had both.
Aggregated categorical score
    Biomedical factor14.574.210.3
    Psychosocial factor15.870.613.6