Table 1B.

Magnitude of Assumed Impacts of New Model of Family Medicine

Practice Outcome
New Model FeatureClinical Staff Time per ServiceOffice ExpenseAdministrative StaffMalpractice Premium
RVU = relative value unit; MD/DO = medical doctor or osteopathic physician; CPT = Current Procedural Terminology; RN = registered nurse.
* Substitutes for CPT 99212.
Open-access schedulingNoneNoneNoneNone
Online appointmentNone$1,920/y−10% in reception time and costNone
Electronic health records−5%$35,000 per MD/DO, amortized over 5 y−10%−5%
Group visit−50%$250 per group visitNoneNone
E−visitsHalf of CPT 99212$3,000NoneNone
Chronic disease management1 RN per 200 patientsNoneNoneNone
Web-based informationNone$10,000/yPart of office expensesNone
Team approach (leveraging staff)+5%NoneNoneNone
Clinical practice guideline software+3%NoneNoneNone
Outcomes analysis5 d/yNoneNoneNone