Table 2.

Responses to Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Treatment and Subjective Social Norms Items

FactorsPercent in Sample (N = 10,962)
Beliefs and attitudes toward treatment behaviors
Biological changes in the brain cause depression
    Strongly agree19.6
    Strongly disagree1.8
Medications are effective
    Strongly agree15.8
    Strongly disagree2.2
Treatment preferences
    No preference22.6
Medications are addictive
    Strongly disagree3.6
    Strongly agree8.3
Subjective social norms
Embarrassed if my friends knew
    Strongly disagree10.1
    Strongly agree18.2
Employer should not know
    Strongly disagree4.5
    Strongly agree32.2
My family would be disappointed
    Strongly disagree18.6
    Strongly agree9.9