Table 1.

Comparison of Sample Characteristics between the Internet Sample and Primary Care Sample

CharacteristicsStudy (Internet) SamplePrimary Care Sample Age 18 to 29 YearsPValue Comparison*
NA = Not applicable.
* P values for either the Pearson χ2 test or Fisher exact test, as appropriate.
† No statistical comparison made between information derived from Zip code level data in the Internet sample and individual responses in the primary care sample, as group-level data cannot be compared with individual-level data.
† No statistical comparison made because of no available data.
Total SampleN = 10,642N = 351
Demographic factors
    Native American1.05.1
    Pacific Islander0.41.6
    Other race3.6Not available
Education (% in each category)
    Less than high school19.112.3NA
    High school graduate26.032.3NA
    Some college16.938.3NA
    College graduate37.917.1NA
Mean income household
    income, $15,700*14,766.81NA
Illness factors, %
CES-D score >mean score34.831.1≥.05
CES-D score >1612.712.1≥.05
CES-D score >2487.387.9≥.05
Symptoms of mental disorders, %
    Panic attack symptoms52.5Not availableNA
    Generalized anxiety symptoms76.5Not availableNA
    Drinking more alcohol than Usual19.9Not availableNA
    5 or more drinks in 1 day in last 4 weeks27.1Not availableNA
Treatment history, %≤.001
    Medications only12.93.8
    Counseling only8.426.6
Family history of depression
    Present45.9Not availableNA
    Absent53.4Not availableNA