Table 2

Cost Comparison: TIP Intervention vs Hospital Admission With a 1-Day Stay

TIP InterventionCost, C$Hospital AdmissionAverage Cost, C$
TIP nurse: 6.1 hr average per patient
 2.4 hr preintervention
 2.0 hr for intervention (plus setup)
 1.7 hr postintervention
297.19Emergency department visit (average)a191.44
PCP billing for 1-hr conference160.40ED physician billing (average)112.00
Specialist billing for 1-hr conference223.10General internal medicine specialist billing for admission consult plus 1-day inpatient234.00
Hospital daily ratea550.52
Total actual cost680.69Total actual cost1,087.96
In-kind contributions: interprofessional team cost provided in kind: average of 3 health care staff per intervention172.90
Total (actual + in-kind) cost:853.59
  • ED = emergency department; IMPACT = Interprofessional Model of Practice for Aging and Complex Treatments; PCP = primary care physician; TIP = Telemedicine IMPACT Plus.

  • a Excluding physician, laboratory, and imaging costs.