Table 2.

Adjusted Difference of Differences for the Intervention and Control Groups for Each Quality Indicator Based on Medical Record Abstractions

Intervention Group (n = 101)Control Group (n = 64)
Quality IndicatorFinal Passing (%)Change From Initial (%)Final Passing (%)Change From Initial (%)Adjusted Differences of DifferencesAdjustedPValue for Differences of Differences
* Significant at P <.05.
† Significant at P <.01.
1. All patients should have a β2-agonist prescribed for symptomatic relief832896−4.68
2. Peak expiratory flow rate (or spirometry) should be measured in all patients at least annually282114017.03*
3. No β-blocker should be prescribed for patients with diagnosed asthma92−292−20.94
4. All patients should have a written action plan in the medical record based on changes in symptoms or peak flow measurements27260026<.0001
5. Patients with asthma should have at least 2 routine planned follow-up visits for asthma annually77−8912−7.41
6. Patients should be educated by physician in self-management of asthma371510−315.07
7. Patients prescribed inhaled medications should be instructed in use of metered- dose inhalers22157713.04
8. Evidence of collaborative goal setting between patient and clinician and lay educator should be recorded at least annually77007.03*
9. Overall asthma process of care summary score46103818.003