Table 4.

Advice to Physicians: Assistance

* Includes illustrative, verbatim quotes from patients’ open-ended responses.
ReferralsRefer to therapists
Severe family problems should be referred to experts on family problems
Give them a name of a counselor over and over
Offer alternatives, therapy, or safe place
Don’t do it by yourself; get others to help you and stand behind you
Offer adviceGive advice
Tell them options
Don’t be afraid to suggest solutions, even if the person acts uninterested
Ask them to bring God and morality back into their lives
HelpHelp them
Offer help if they can’t go to someone else
Make sure to give them help, and have 1 to 3 follow-ups with the patient
In mild cases offer help, in severe cases contact police
SupportProvide support
Offer emotional support, educational information about family problems
Give support and let the patients know they are not alone
MedicinesMedicate or talk to them
Dispense medication carefully
Recommend counselors or medicines