Table 2.

Elements of the Financial Model of the New Model of Family Medicine

Financial Model ComponentInputs to ModelData Sources
RBRVS = Resource Based Relative Value System; RVU = relative value units; AMA = American Medical Association; MGMA = Medical Group Management Association; CMS = Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;
RevenueReimbursement levels (ie, price)Physcape (service mix)
Quantity (ie, mix and number of services)Medicare RBRVS (RVUs)
AMA Physician Socioeconomic Statistics (payer mix)
ExpensesMedical supply expensesAMA/MGMA data (overall direct and indirect practice expenses, physician salary, medical liability)
Medical equip expensesCMS Clinical Practice Expense Panels data
Clinical staff expensesCMS physician time data
Medical liabilityBureau of Labor Statistics (salaries)
Office expenses
Administrative staff expenses and other indirect expenses
Physician hours workedPatient care hoursAAFP Practice Profile Survey
Total hoursAMA physician socioeconomic statistics