Table 1.

Respondents’ Attitudes About and Experiences With Physician Interventions for Family Conflict

Questionnaire Itemn (%)
Should family doctors ask patients about family conflict?
    Never6 (2)
    Sometimes170 (67)
    Often74 (29)
Can family doctors be helpful to patients with severe conflict at home?
    No14 (6)
    Yes, sometimes168 (66)
    Yes, very helpful68 (27)
Has your doctor ever asked you about conflict in your family?
    No172 (68)
    Yes, one time48 (19)
    Yes, more than once29 (12)
If yes, did he/she help you?
    Did not help24 (33)
    Did help48 (67)
Has your doctor ever recommended that you go to a counselor or therapist for help with family problems?
    No219 (87)
    Yes28 (11)