Table 3.

Adjusted and Unadjusted Survey-Based Process-of-Care Measures for Patients in Control and Intervention Groups

VariablesControl (n = 62)Intervention (n = 123)DifferenceControl (n = 62)Intervention (n = 123)DifferencePValue
* Adjustments are based on multiple regressions adjusted for race/ethnicity, education, sex, income, severity of asthma, and number of comorbidities.
† Significant at P <.05.
Patient self-management, %
    Peak flow monitoring386023445713.21
    Goal setting40531347503.74
    Written action plan244319254419.058
    Education sessions attended2111052015.028
Knowledge (0–10 scale)7.77.5−
Taking long-term medication (yes/no), %6670467692.85