Table 3.

Adjusted Odds Ratios of the Association Between Explanatory Variables and Lack of Recent Papanicolaou Smear, Mammography, and Clinical Breast Examination (N = 3,340)

Mammography Examination in Previous 2 YearsClinical Breast Examination in Previous 2 YearsPapanicolaou Smear in Previous 3 Years
VariableAdjusted OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CI
Note: Data derived from the 1998 California Women’s Health Survey weighted to make respondents statistically representative of all women in California according to age and race in accordance with the 1990 California population. Papanicolaou data include all women, whereas mammography and clinical breast examination data include women ≥ 40 years of age.
OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval.
* Models are adjusted for age in 5-year intervals, birthplace/ethnicity (US white as referent vs Latina-foreign and Latina US), poverty level (≤ 200% vs >200%), education (more vs less than high school graduate), employment (not full-time vs full-time), insurance (any insurance vs none), marital status (married vs not married), and giving birth (in the last 3 years vs not).
Foreign-born Latina20.600.45–0.811.190.90–1.560.590.41–0.84
US-born Latina0.910.69–1.201.381.06–1.811.110.80–1.54
Less than high school education1.200.89–1.611.491.16–1.921.371.01–1.86
≤ 200% poverty*1.691.33––2.641.581.23–2.03
Employment full-time0.790.65–0.950.660.54–0.810.660.52–0.84
Age 5 y*0.900.89–0.911.000.99––1.03
Childbirth in last 3 y*0.300.20–0.45