Table 2.

Comparison of Independent and HCO-Employed Respondents: Means, Standard Deviations, and Correlations for Dependent QOWL Variables

HCO = health care organization; QOWL = quality of work life.
Note: See the “Methods” section for a description of the scales on which variables were rated.
* All correlations >|0.09| have P ≤.05.
† The mean (SD) values shown are expressed in points. See “Methods” for a description of the rating scale for each variable.
Work satisfaction issues
Satisfaction with income2.810.932.831.030.021.00
Amount of family time2.330.962.
Quality of relationships within the work group3.300.832.801.
Continuity of care3.440.873.320.790.
Practice issues
Often work under time pressure3.040.753.060.770.03–.08–.34.00–.161.00
Amount of paperwork is reasonable1.100.951.301.–.311.00
Influence over management decisions3.251.071.901.–.11.091.00
Ability to match time to complexity of patient2.620.692.440.810.–.31.21.321.00
Opportunity to fully use skills3.360.923.160.880.–.
Satisfaction with being a physician3.480.853.260.950.–.
Perceived quality of care3.350.623.020.630.–.
Ability to achieve professional goals2.990.962.441.–.
Intention to leave the practice1.681.352.311.850.35–.15–.16–.36–.17.07–.04–.36–.16–.22–.26–.25–.391.00