Table 1.

Reliablity and Validity of English and Spanish Candidate Scenarios and Total Test

ScenarioNumber of ItemsReliability:Cronbach αValidity*: Pearson r
* Correlation of scenario score and score on criterion (ie, Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults, Spanish Version).
† This scenario (nutrition label) was selected as the single best scenario, and is the content of the Newest Vital Sign – Spanish.
    1.Prescription for headache medication30.230.43
    2.Consent form for angiography40.400.51
    3.Self-care instructions for heart failure50.380.20
    4.Nutrition label from ice cream60.760.59
    5.Instructions for tapering prednisone30.660.35
    1.Prescription for headache medication30.370.38
    2.Consent form for angiography40.370.55
    3.Self-care instructions for heart failure50.33−0.01
    4.Nutrition label from ice cream60.690.49
    5.Instructions for tapering prednisone30.390.37