Table 2

Items and Statistics for Cross-validation Online and Combined Clinical Samples

ItemCross-Validation Online Sample (n = 1,089)Combined Clinical Sample (n = 323)
Mean (SD)Factor LoadingItem-Total CorrelationMean (SD)Factor LoadingItem-Total Correlation
My practice makes it easy for me to get care.3.1 (0.9)0.740.713.7 (0.6)0.640.55
My practice is able to provide most of my care.3.1 (0.9)0.740.713.8 (0.5)0.700.63
In caring for me, my doctor considers all of the factors that affect my health.3.2 (0.9)0.850.833.8 (0.5)0.700.57
My practice coordinates the care I get from multiple places.2.9 (1.1)0.760.733.6 (0.7)0.500.46
My doctor or practice knows me as a person.2.8 (1.1)0.840.823.5 (0.8)0.550.55
My doctor and I have been through a lot together.2.2 (1.1)0.670.662.8 (1.2)0.480.49
My doctor or practice stands up for me.2.8 (1.0)0.860.833.5 (0.8)0.760.72
The care I get takes into account knowledge of my family.2.7 (1.1)0.790.773.2 (0.8)0.670.61
The care I get in this practice is informed by knowledge of my community.2.4 (1.1)0.700.693.2 (0.9)0.610.55
Over time, this practice helps me to meet my goals.3.0 (1.0)0.870.843.7 (0.6)0.780.70
Over time, my practice helps me stay healthy.2.8 (1.0)0.850.823.6 (0.6)0.740.65