Table 3.

Perceived Importance of the Types of Continuity of Care in Relation to Quality of Patient Care

StatementEngland & Wales Mean (SD)Netherlands Mean (SD)United States Mean (SD)PValue*
Score: 1 = not at all important; 5 = extremely important.
* Significance of differences between scores by country (1-way analysis of variance).
a, b = Scores on the same row that share the same subscript do not differ significantly. All other differences between scores on the same row are statistically significant at P <.001 according to the Tukey test comparison.
Building up relationships over time with the patients that you see (personal continuity)4.60 (0.61)a4.53 (0.65)a4.77 (0.48)<.001
Good recording and transfer of information (informational continuity)4.66 (0.56)a4.49 (0.62)b4.59 (0.59)a,b<.001
Different health professionals working together with you to provide coordinated and consistent care (management continuity)4.44 (0.68)a4.17 (0.7)4.52 (0.61)a<.001
Providing care and management for a wide range of health problems within your practice (management continuity)4.23 (0.76)3.92 (0.81)4.45 (0.69)<.001