Table 1.

Baseline Characteristics of the Participants According to Blood Pressure Group

Patient CharacteristicsPercent With Hypertension (n = 4,616 [47%])*Percent With Prehypertension (n = 2,708 [33%])*Percent With Normal Blood Pressures (n = 1,662 [20%])*
* Number in sample and percent of total. Conversion using sample weights leads to n = 30,454,438 Americans represented for hypertension, n = 21,268,419 for prehypertension, and n = 12,249,021 for normotension.
Age, years
    Black and other13.717.957.36
One or more risk factors96.6093.3889.13
Ever smoked59.4367.7864.24
Body mass index ≥ 30 kg/m225.599.354.09
Little or no exercise47.6940.3538.51
Total cholesterol level >200 mg/dL74.0463.2249.72
Previously diagnosed diabetes5.902.190.81
Previously diagnosed congestive heart failure1.600.550.26
Previously diagnosed myocardial infarction5.552.371.64
Previously diagnosed stroke2.510.340.33