Table 1.

Overview of the Telephonic, Stage-Based Intervention for Sedentary Lifestyle

Patient’s Stage of Readiness to Change
NA = not applicable.
*The call frequency suggested by counselors; actual call frequency was based on individual preference.
Initial call contentGreeting, information regarding program, informed consent regarding study participation, initial staging, goal setting, scheduling of follow-up call
Subsequent call contentNAGreeting, query regarding readiness for preparation, short counseling session (see below), scheduling follow-up callGreeting, query regarding goal attainment, short counseling session (see below), goal setting, scheduling follow-up callGreeting, query regarding persistence of maintenance, short counseling session (see below), scheduling follow-up call
Typical call frequency*NAMonthlyWeeklyMonthly
Topics covered in the short (5- to 10-min) counseling sessionMailed information regarding the risks of sedentary lifestyle and the benefits of exerciseSelected information on the risks and benefits of exerciseAssessing aerobic fitness, barriers, nutrition, self- management, stress, social support, enjoying exercise, emotional benefitsRelapse prevention, handling of relapse, encouragement