Table 1

Components of the SNE-PTN Transformation Intervention

1. Created and delivered curriculum on quality improvement principles and practice
2. Added an optometrist as a subject matter expert to SNE-PTN team
3. Created and disseminated best-practice protocols
4. Deployed multimodal teaching strategies, including:
 • E-mail and newsletter communication
 • Multimedia web resources
 • Customized live and asynchronous webinars including task-oriented instructional videos
 • 1-on-1 telephonic or face-to-face coaching
5. Leveraged preexisting optometry network to drive change with respected regional leaders
6. Selectively deployed quality improvement advisors to regional meetings and practice sitesto increase adoption of best practices
7. Facilitated data reporting through unique online portal
8. Assessed practice progress every 6 months through CMS-provided Practice Assessment Tool
  • CMS = Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; SNE-PTN = Southern New England Practice Transformation Network.