Table 2.

Descriptive Characteristics of Patients With Depression Using Either Case Definition (Using 1999 as Baseline)

* P <.01 relative to 1999.
P <.05 relative to 1999.
‡ Days patient was taking medication/the total potential days (from claims data), where 1.0 = perfect correspondence.
Either case definition, N6,6096,9887,284
    Definition A - new antidepressant, n2,8112,9423,041
    Definition B - any depression, n5,8036,0376,336
Age in 1998, y46.045.544.8*
Sex, % male32.131.631.8
Charlson score ≥ 1, %21.422.924.3*
Diabetes mellitus, %*
Coronary heart disease, %*
No. of clinic visits, mean10.810.910.4*
No. of primary care visits, mean3.54.2*4.4*
Any hospitalization, %19.920.721.7
Taking an antidepressant, %86.486.385.5
Medication possession ratio0.840.840.84
Third next available, d19.47.4*4.5*
Continuity of care0.600.610.63*