Table 3.

Depression Quality Measures, Controlling for Age, Sex, and Comorbidity

Measure1999%2000%P Value2001%P Value
Note: 1999 is baseline comparison year for both 2000 and 2001.
Acute treatment64.166.2.0967.7.003
Continuation treatment46.248.6.0450.8.000
Optimal clinician contact22.820.5.0219.7.001
Follow-up after mental health hospitalization65.958.2.0950.3.001
Optimal primary care contacts1.62.0.412.0.34
No primary care follow-up33.020.3.00115.4.001
Mental health collaboration37.634.2.0430.7.001
Emergency department visits25.625.8.7727.3.13
Emergency department visit or hospitalization for mental health6.56.2.346.3.34
Prompt follow-up on new medication42.240.6.1640.1.04
Prompt medication switch follow-up40.240.2.8639.3.19
Continuity of primary care visits67.372.7.00074.0<.001
Continuity of mental health primary care visits87.187.7.4388.0.22