Table 1.

Clinical Parameters at Baseline and 12-Month Follow-Up for Adults With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes, by Type of Symptoms at Diagnosis

Follow-up, by Type of Symptoms at Diagnosis
Baseline (N = 504)Follow-up (N = 504)Hyperglycemia (n = 163)Unrelated (n = 96)None (n = 207)
HbA1c = hemoglobin A1c; SBP = systolic blood pressure; DBP = diastolic blood pressure; LDL = low-density lipoprotein.
* Number of patients with baseline value for the designated measure.
† Number of patients with both baseline and follow-up values for the designated measure.
P <.01.
§ P <.5.
Weight, lb452207.7442−6.6133−6.785−63.8184−6.5
HbA1c, %4528.8452−1.7102−2.862−1.1138−1.2
SBP, mm Hg471137.5439−4.3132−3.5§87−2.5181−6.2
DBP, mm Hg47180.7438−3.4132−3.986−3.0181−3.9
Aspirin use, %50415.3504+10.8163+6.8§96+17.7§207+11.6§
LDL-cholesterol, mg/dL200133.4136−4.8§41−5.626−2.755−6.2