Table 1.

Primary HIV Infection Symptoms

Symptom Reported in the LiteratureNAMCS/NHAMCS Equivalent Reason(s) for Visit
Note: Symptoms reported by more than 25% of patients in Schacker et al,2 Hecht et al,4 and Daar et al.5
HIV = human immunodeficiency virus; NAMCS = National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey; NHAMCS = National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.
1. FeverFever, chills, feeling hot
2. PharyngitisThroat soreness, throat pain, tonsillitis
3. LymphadenitisSore glands, swollen or enlarged glands
4. MyalgiaUnspecified muscle pain, ache, soreness, discomfort
5. AthralgiaUnspecified joint pain, ache, soreness, discomfort
6. FatigueTiredness, fatigue
7. Night sweatsExcessive sweating
8. NauseaNausea
9. VomitingVomiting
10. DiarrheaDiarrhea
11. RashSkin rash
12. Weight lossWeight loss
13. Oral ulcerMouth ulcer
14. HeadacheHeadache, pain in head
15. Neck stiffnessLimitation of movement, neck stiffness
16. Loss of appetiteDecreased appetite
17. MalaiseGeneral ill feeling