Table 2.

The Relationship of Patient-Centered Communication to Adjusted Health Care Costs

Tercile of MPCC Score
Standardized Expenditure CategoryLowest Tercile*Middle Tercile(95% CI)Highest Tercile(95% CI)
Note: Included are patients with at least some expenditures in each category. Adjusted percentage of standardized expenditures presented as terciles of MPCC scores. Analyses adjust (from claims data) for patient age, sex, Zip code-based socioeconomic status, ambulatory diagnostic groups, year, years of enrollment, and physician specialty.
MPCC = Measure of Patient-Centered Communication.
* Reference value.
† As percentage of lowest tercile.
Diagnostic testing costs10090.3 (84.3–96.9)89.6 (83.9–95.6)
Inpatient costs100103.7 (92.2–116.7)98.9 (87.5–111.8)
Total costs10096.3 (93.6–99.0)96.8 (94.1–99.6)