Table 2

Covariates That Were Adjusted for in the Statistical Models of the Included Studies

Adjusted Covariate Adjusted Covariate
Author (Year)AgeSexSocioeconomic statusComorbiditiesNumber of MedicationsMedication AdherenceEducationRaceFunctional StatusCognitive ImpairmentSocial SupportPrior Healthcare UtilizationMental Health ConditionOther
Barnett et al,27 2011
Cahir et al,23 2014Sex of the general practitioner
Cahir et al,24 2014Sex of the general practitioner
Hanlon et al,25 2002Body mass index
Fillenbaum et al,26 2004Marital status, insurance coverage
Moriarty et al,28 2016Insurance coverage
Wallace et al,29 2017
Wauters et al,30 2016