Table 2.

Preventable Problem Types Reported by Participants

Main ProblemNumber Reporting Problem*Examples
* Participants could report more than 1 error.
    Physician to patient15Rude; lack of empathy; insufficient time spent with patient; refusal to refer to specialist
    With insurance company4Wrong diagnosis sent to insurer; rude and unhelpful
    Between physicians1Miscommunication between physician and anesthesiologist
Office administration
    Telephone problems5Messages not relayed; unable to speak to nurse or doctor on telephone
    Access and appointments10Long waits in waiting room; appointments cancelled without notice; incorrect appointment times given
    Office staff6Rude; unhelpful; refusal to relay messages
    Office systems4Lost laboratory sample; medical records lost; inflexible in policies
Clinical care
    Missed diagnosis4Deep vein thrombosis; otitis media; scoliosis; reflux disease.
    Medication problems7Dose cut in half; wrong drug prescribed or dispensed
    Procedural and equipment problems4Broken equipment; intravenous line left in too long
    Lack of knowledge or skills3Blood pressure not taken; no therapy ordered