Table 2.

Measures of CCM Implementation Among Physician Organizations

MeasureTotal (N = 957) No. (%)
CCM = Chronic Care Model; Q = question; CCMI = Chronic Care Model Index.
Community linkages
    Q55a: Agreements with community services agencies200 (20.9)
    Q55b: Referrals to community agencies313 (32.7)
Self-management support
    Q56a: Assess self-management needs423 (44.2)
    Q56b: Self-management programs542 (56.6)
Decision support
    Q57a: Integrate guidelines into care499 (52.1)
    Q57b: Integrate specialists into care615 (64.3)
Delivery system design
    Q58a: Use planned visits536 (56.0)
    Q58b: Multiple professionals seen in 1 visit335 (35.0)
    Q58c: Employ case managers346 (36.2)
Information systems
    Q59a: Written feedback to physicians349 (36.5)
    Q59b: Internet communication between physicians and patients250 (26.1)
    Use of any CCM element865 (90.4)
    Use of all 11 CCM elements12 (1.3)
    CCMI, mean (SD)4.6 (2.9)