Table 1.

The Recommendations for New Care From the Institute of Medicine and the Future of Family Medicine

Institute of Medicine
  1. Redesign of care processes based on best practices

  2. Use of information technologies to improve access to clinical information and support clinical decision making

  3. Knowledge and skills management

  4. Development of effective teams

  5. Coordination of care across patient conditions, services, and settings over time

  6. Incorporation of performance and outcome measurements for improvement and accountability

Future of Family Medicine
  1. Personal medical home

  2. Patient-centered care

  3. Team approach

  4. Elimination of barriers to access

  5. Advanced information systems

  6. Redesigned offices

  7. Whole-person orientation

  8. Care provided within a community context

  9. Emphasis on quality and safety

  10. Enhanced practice finance

  11. Commitment to provide family medicine’s basket of services