Table 5.

Medical Care Characteristics by Selected Visit Characteristics, Percentage of Office Visits to Family Physicians for Treatment of Work-Related Conditions (N = 326 Visits), NAMCS Data, 1997–2000

Visit Characteristic*
Was Paid For by Workers’ CompensationPhysician Was Patient’s Regular Primary PhysicianPatient Was a New Patient
Medical Care CharacteristicYes (n = 241)No (n = 85)Yes (n = 213)No (n = 113)Yes (n = 59)No (n = 267)
NAMCS = National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey; ICD-9 = International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision; FP-WR = visit to family physician for work-related condition; OP-WR = visit to non–family physician for work-related condition; OccMed-WR = visit to occupational physician for work-related condition; FP-NWR = visit to family physician for non–work-related condition; RN = registered nurse; LPN = licensed practical nurse; HMO = health maintenance organization.
* Comparisons were between No column and corresponding Yes column.
P <.05
P <.01
§ P <.001
Major reason for visit
    Acute problem56.053.449.563.864.854.0
    Chronic problem, routine18.113.721.410.46.019.0
    Chronic problem, flare-up10.610.114.44.8§5.111.8
    Presurgery or postsurgery/injury follow-up9.220.39.616.013.811.8
    Non-illness (eg, routine prenatal, general examination, well-baby)
Patient’s chief complaints and symptom
    Musculoskeletal symptoms48.341.745.947.433.249.8
    Injury or poisoning29.027.427.230.540.625.6
Physician’s diagnosis of patient’s condition (ICD-9 groupings)
    Infectious and parasitic diseases0.
    Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic, and immune disorders0.
    Mental disorders1.§0.41.2§
    Diseases of nervous system, sense organs5.
    Diseases of circulatory system2.
    Diseases of respiratory system1.
    Diseases of digestive system0.
    Diseases of genitourinary system0.
    Diseases of skin, subcutaneous tissue, hair, nails0.§
    Diseases of musculoskeletal system, connective tissue26.821.128.620.516.327.5
    Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions1.
    Injury and poisoning53.755.150.659.153.054.3
    Supplementary classification and other diagnoses5.
Visit was related to a specific injury or poisoning92.0100.093.595.089.795.2
    Visit was related to a self-inflicted injury or poisoning0.
    Patient’s condition resulted from an assault0.
Services provided during visit
    Diagnostic and screening services69.878.672.172.374.371.6
    Blood pressure reading56.658.859.154.452.958.2
    Therapeutic and preventive services43.752.149.940.236.448.3
    Exercise counseling and education13.718.014.814.911.515.7
    Injury prevention counseling and education15.614.917.612.19.116.9
    Mental health counseling and education0.
    Surgical procedures3.
Therapy provided during visit
At least 1 drug was prescribed during the visit63.370.465.964.251.968.5
Medical professionals seen during the visit
    Physician assistant0.
    Medical/nursing assistant23.123.624.321.623.923.0
Physician was patient’s regular primary care physician52.777.1§§
Primary expected source of payment for the visit
    Private insurance0.§4.919.1§
    Workers’ compensation100.§89.169.4§
    No charge0.
Care was provided in an HMO setting10.231.5§23.35.1§7.77.7
Capitated payment basis for the visit4.913.7§§
Patient was a new patient24.§100.00.0
Patient was referred by another physician/health plan11.15.54.417.1§21.96.6
Authorization from insurer was required for care24.85.5§
Time spent with physician, mean, min16.115.916.814.913.616.7