Table 3.

Rate of Triage Accuracy With and Without the Use of ACI-TIPI

Condition2001–2002 Control ACI-TIPI Off (n = 974)2001–2002 Intervention ACI-TIPI On (n = 846)% ChangeP Value
ACI-TIPI = Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Insensitive Predictive Instrument. ICD-9-CM = International Classification of Disease, 9th Edition, Clinical Modification.
Note: Based on work by Selker et al2 we defined the following diagnostic groups and recommended triage decisions: (1) patients with acute cardiac ischemia (acute MI or unstable angina) should be admitted or transferred, (2) patients with stable angina could be discharged home, and (3) patients without cardiac ischemia could be discharged home.
Acute myocardial infarction (ICD-9-CM 410)97.498.0+0.6.8
Unstable angina (ICD-9-CM 411)91.195.9+4.8.3
Acute cardiac ischemia (ICD-9-CM 410, 411)94.797.0+2.3.6
Stable angina (ICD-9-CM 413)24.241.2+17.5
Not acute cardiac ischemia52.150.8−1.3.6