Table 3.

Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis of the Association Between Delivery Characteristics and Neonatal Death in California from 1996–2002

CharacteristicOdds Ratio (95% CI*)P Value
CI = confidence interval; ACOG = American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; VBAC = vaginal birth after cesarean.
* 95% Poisson CI.
† Pregnancy complication is a composite variable based on codes noted in the California Department of Health Services Certificate of Live Birth Medical Data Supplemental Work Sheet, Item 29, and excludes mothers with electronic fetal monitoring or ultrasound.
‡ Hospital location based on California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development designation of “small/rural” during years 1996–2002.
Date of delivery
    Post-ACOG revision, 2000–20021.00-
    Pre-ACOG revision, 1996–19990.82 (0.69–0.97).022
Birth weight
    2,500–4,000 g1.00-
    <1,500 g273.61 (215.70–347.07)<.001
    1,500–2,499 g15.63 (11.66–20.95)<.001
    >4,000 g0.88 (0.51–1.52).65
Delivery method
    Repeat cesarean1.00-
    Attempted VBAC2.84 (2.35–3.45)<.001
Pregnancy complication1.54 (1.28–1.86)<.001
Hospital location
    Rural1.21 (0.76–1.95).425