Table 4.

Adjusted Odds Ratios for Reporting Unmet Health Care Needs, Primary Care Utilization and Medical Debt in the Past 6 Months—Full Model

CharacteristicsOdds of Unmet Health Care Needs n = 1,271Odds of Unmet Medication Needs n = 1,271Odds of Primary Care Use n = 1,271Odds of Medical Debt n = 1,239
GED = general equivalency diploma; FPL = federal poverty level.
* P <.01.
P <.05.
Insurance status
    Stable coverage1.
    Disrupted coverage1.85*1.160.661.99*
    Lost coverage5.55*2.05*0.18*3.06*
    White (non-Hispanic)
    Black (non-Hispanic)1.060.990.891.31
    American Indian/Alaskan Native (non-Hispanic)0.680.490.960.74
    Other (non-Hispanic)1.210.570.851.05
Primary language
    More than high school1.
    High school/GED0.61*1.040.67*0.74
    Less than high school0.74*1.350.621.42
Income as % of FPL
    Not reported0.981.010.631.31
Health status
    Very good/excellent1.
Any chronic illness