Table 2.

Rates of Medical Injury, Mortality With and Without Medical Injury, Crude Risk Ratios, and Adjusted Odds Ratios for Mortality Associated With Each Broad Category of Injury and Overall

MeasureDrugs and BiologicsDevices, Implants and GraftsProceduresRadiationOverall
* Total is less than sum of categories as some records include more than 1 injury code.
† Adjusted for comorbidity index, age, sex, Diagnosis Related Group (as fixed effect), hospital characteristics (ownership, trauma level, residency training, percentage of board certified staff, transplant services, percentage of nonspecific coding), and clustering within hospital.
P <.05.
Number of discharges with medical injury code33,78717,14633,5781,54577,666*
Medical injury rate, %
Crude mortality rate among those with specific medical injury, %2.843.523.545.443.14
Crude mortality rate among those without specific medical injury, %
Crude rate ratio (RR)1.271.581.622.411.47
Adjusted odds ratio (95% CI)0.73 (0.66–0.81)1.16 (1.03–1.30)1.39 (1.28–1.52)1.10 (0.91 – 1.34)0.98 (0.91–1.06)