Table 3.

Adjusted Odds Ratios for Reporting Unmet Health Care Needs, Primary Care Utilization, and Medical Debt in the Past 6 Months

Insurance StatusOdds of Unmet Health Care Needs n = 1,271Odds of Unmet Medication Needs n = 1,271Odds of Primary Care Use n = 1,272Odds of Medical Debt n = 1,239
Note: Model adjusted for age, sex, race, language, income, education, health status, and chronic disease.
* P <.01.
P <.05.
Stable coverage1.
Disrupted coverage1.85* (1.28–2.67)1.16 (0.81–1.68)0.66(0.44–0.99)1.99* (1.35–2.93)
Lost coverage5.55* (4.17–7.38)2.05* (1.55–2.71)0.18* (0.13–0.24)3.06* (2.28–4.12)