Table 2.

Summary of Included Randomized Controlled Trials on Efficacy of Inhaled Corticosteroids in COPD

Author, YearMean Age (years)No.DurationDosage, DeviceMean Baseline FEV1 (% of predicted)Quality Rating
COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DPI = dry powder inhaler; MDI = metered dose inhaler.
Budesonide vs placebo
Bourbeau et al,18 199866796 mo1,600 μg/d, DPI36.5Fair
Calverley et al,19 2003645131 y800 μg/d, DPI36Fair
Pauwels et al,20 1999 (EUROSCOP)521,2773 y800 μg/d, DPI77Fair
Renkema et al,21 199655402 y1,600 μg/d, MDI64Fair
Szafranski et al,22 2003644031 y800 μg/d, MDI36Fair
Vestbo et al,23 1999592903 y1,200 μg/d, DPI86Fair
Fluticasone vs placebo
Albers et al,24 200450852 y500 μg/d, MDI90Good
Burge et al,25 2000 (ISOLDE)647513 y1,000 μg/d, MDI50Fair
Calverley et al,26 2003637351 y1,000 μg/d, DPI45Good
Paggiaro et al,27 1998632816 mo1,000 μg/d, MDI57Good
van Grunsven et al,28 200347482 y500 μg/d, DPI96Fair
Triamcinolone vs placebo
Lung Health Study29561,1163 y, 4 mo1,200 μg/d, MDI64Fair